Data register and privacy policy



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Data register name
Customer Register

Reason for processing personal data
The data register is used to manage the communication associated with web store orders or forms on the website. With customer consent, it may also be used for direct marketing. Data subjects who have provided their information for the register are customers of the controller.

Content of data register
The register contains information provided by the customer during orders/communication: customer name, postal address, phone number and email address. These are required basic information for processing orders, invoicing, deliveries or responding to forms. Information on the customer’s order history, order processing and potential product returns is saved in the data register. The web store/website server also collects:

  • user’s IP address
  • time
  • visited pages
  • browser type
  • URL that referred user to page in question
  • server that user used to access website
  • domain that user used to access website

Regular information sources
The customer has provided the information in the register to the controller to use when ordering products from the web store and / or registering as a customer or alternatively when completing a quote request/feedback form.

Regular data releases
The data register is only used for handling the controller’s customer relationships and data is not released to third parties.

Transfer of data outside of EU or EEA
The controller does not release information in the customer data register outside of EU or the EEA.

Cookies are small text files that the Internet browser saves onto the user’s device. Cookies are used when the user’s information is to be saved when the user goes from one page to another in the Internet service, for example. The purpose of cookies on this website is to make using the service easier and quicker by saving information and the transaction’s session ID in the browser's memory.

Data protection principles for data register
The controller’s website uses secure https connections. All of the register’s data is saved on a secure server with a backup copy on another server. The security of the servers is always up-to-date and the data can only be accessed by specific key individuals by entering a username and password in the system.