Manufacturing and chemical industry


VALTO360° helps in managing industrial production, maintaining the condition of facilities and safety practices. In production facilities, the infrastructure is fragmented and spread over several different areas and industries. The basis of using VALTO is visual positioning and the availability of real-time data as soon as needed.

VALTO facilitates documentation processes, reporting and ensures that all the necessary information is easily accessible and up-to-date, the personnel's time is focused on the work tasks themselves instead of spending time searching for information.

In the event of a malfunction, the immediate availability of information facilitates the implementation of corrective measures, saving time and costs. The production environment is presented in a single, browser-based view, which consists of 360° images, POIs and a control panel.

VALTO is suitable for different functions:


VALTO is well suited as a platform for training in a factory environment. The purpose of use can be, for example, familiarization of new employees, getting to know the premises, training in the commissioning of equipment, etc. Virtual training enables safe study of risky activities independent of time and place. This reduces damage and improves safety.

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Operational reliability of production is the basis for profitable business. The digital twin helps industrial plants anticipate the objects, machines and equipment that need maintenance.

Monitoring based on VALTO inspection and life cycle history helps detect potential problems before they cause stoppages or expensive repairs, and at the same time improve the usability and safety of the equipment.

Information and guidance on the correct handling and use of raw materials helps to prevent disruptions and interruptions due to process malfunctions.

Regardless of what measures are taken at the site, VALTO shows the documents related to the site, instructs how to move there, what permits, tools, spare parts, etc. are needed.


IoT sensors connected to the digital twin and camera monitoring (with UPV readiness) help to identify possible disturbances and quality errors in production. This improves the quality of production processes.

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In the production industry, it is important to take care of safety, possible dangerous situations can be serious and affect the health of personnel, as well as cause environmental damage. VALTO helps to comply with regulatory requirements and reporting obligations, such as HSEQ regulations. For example, the digital twin helps in industry to ensure that danger areas are clearly marked and that personnel have the necessary knowledge, access rights and instructions for moving in danger areas.

Area security as a whole is also an important part of the operation of production facilities. Understanding the overall visual picture of the security environment, as well as linking related information from different systems to a single user interface, facilitate the ability of the persons responsible for security to manage the whole. The VALTO Camera add-on is suitable for area surveillance, you can read more about VALTO Cameras >>


  • The intuitive file management system links the POI information in the space to where it is needed
  • The task management tool helps to monitor the workflow and ensures timely completion of tasks
  • Compatibility (integrations) with third-party systems improves cooperation between different parties considerably
  • Prevents accidents
  • Materials management: warehouse, goods tracking and loss