Who is VALTO360° intended for?

VALTO is suitable for everyone who needs to see and visualize a specific object and collect and link information to a point in view.

What added value does VALTO offer?

VALTO speeds up inspection processes significantly with efficient document management. VALTO offers a visual inspection of customers' facilities, buildings, property, equipment, etc., as well as document management, regardless of time and place.

How does VALTO work?

VALTO is a visual user environment that consists of the necessary views of the premises in the form of floor plans, 360º and photos, and 3D models. The pictures show, for example, equipment locations, navigation instructions, rescue routes, etc.

Another important feature is the POI points added to the images, which contain the necessary digital information, for example device user manuals, maintenance history, inspection reports, X-rays, etc.

What is a POI?

A Point of Interest is a link icon added to a device or other object that needs attention shown in the virtual image. In the POI link you can find the data connected to it.

How is VALTO installed?

The system is either SaaS or OnPremise installation, depending on the customer's needs. VALTO does not need installation on the end user's machines.

How to use Valto, does it work on a mobile phone?

Yes, the system can be used on any modern device with a modern browser. It can be used from a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Will VALTO replace the company's current systems?

VALTO is not a parallel system for the company's own software. The purpose is to collect and visualize the production environment and to make information from different systems visible to the user.

360° images are difficult to use on mobile, is there an alternative?

Yes it is. In the destination itself, in physical space, the POI points are marked with QR and RFiD stickers. When that code is read on a mobile device, it opens a file manager window linked to the POI.

How is VALTO priced?

The price mainly consists of user licenses. The options are priced separately. Educational institutions are offered space-specific licenses independent of the number of users.

Will VALTO replace the ERP system?

It does not replace, however, VALTO displays and links the data of the systems in use.

Can users be defined and access rights limited?

Different access rights can be defined for users, as well as define and limit access to individual objects (location) with POI accuracy.

Does VALTO send alerts about measurement results or other events?

Currently, alarms are displayed within the system. In the future, it is planned to include e-mail alerts.

What is the value of VALTO360° in technical inspections?

VALTO speeds up inspection processes significantly, it offers a tool for finding customer objects such as facilities, buildings, property, equipment, etc. and for visual inspection and document management, regardless of time and place.

Can Valto be used as an inspection reporting tool?

VALTO offers tools for documenting the content of inspection reports, but it does not replace the tools used to create official inspection reports. All measurements must be performed using appropriate inspection equipment, materials, methods and processes.

What is the use of Valto in inspection projects?

It improves inspection project management, planning, preparation, finding targets and speeds up gate training. In addition, the necessary documents are immediately available behind the destination's POI.

Does VALTO improve the traceability of inspection documents?

Yes, significantly. In a virtual environment, all target data and information can be linked to POIs, so users have immediate access to all documents related to the target.