DEKRA: Inspection activities in Finland since 1974

DEKRA in Finland: Inspections - Assessments - Certification

We are involved in making the world safer in traffic, at work and at home. DEKRA works actively in cooperation with customers for quality and safety.

Our operations and services focus on technical inspections, testing, evaluations and certifications in various areas of industry. Our company's management and staff are committed to acting in an absolutely impartial and independent manner. We treat our customers equally. Our staff is trained to identify conflict of interest situations, which are handled in such a way that the independence of our operations is not threatened. Our customer relationship is based on solid trust, which we have achieved over decades among our customers through professional, flexible and constructive cooperation.

We live closely with time and change, constantly developing a better service. DEKRA's national and international expertise in various business areas is at the disposal of our customers so that they can succeed in their own operations.

Partner in technical inspections and audits

We carry out inspections and evaluations of pressure equipment, electrical equipment, fire detection equipment and extinguishing equipment, as well as non-destructive testing (NDT) and destructive testing (DT) of materials. Evaluations of the performance level of load-bearing steel structures required for the CE marking of steel structures, as well as certifications of product and management systems. We build the foundation for Finnish success and help our customers reach their goals.

Independent audit company

We are an independent inspection company with official approval. We operate as an expert in technical conformity assessments. We reliably and impartially ensure that basic safety and approvals are in order.

Vehicle inspections - DEKRA Katsastus Oy

DEKRA Katsastus strongly invests in new inspection tasks and methods of the future.

Check out our station network in Finland at and DEKRA inspections in general

A better tomorrow

At DEKRA, we work for a safe working and living environment. Inspections are an everyday work tool and not just a mandatory requirement. Our task is to ensure that basic safety and approvals are in order so that everything works correctly and according to the agreed standards. The continuous training and development of methods of our team of more than 200 experts are a guarantee of our know-how.

Transparency, security and reliability

Our operations are based on the valid regulation, a good knowledge of it and the standards used. Our operations are guided by a clear safety culture that extends throughout the entire organization, operational reliability and transparency.

DEKRA Industrial Oy

DEKRA Industrial Oy started operating in 1974 under the name Polartest Oy. DEKRA Industrial Oy is owned by the international inspection and testing company DEKRA SE, whose head office is in Stuttgart, Germany. DEKRA has three business areas, vehicle testing, inspection and testing of industrial equipment and services related to personnel matters (e.g. training). DEKRA is one of the largest inspection and testing companies in the world.

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