Occupational safety and the environment

HSE and area safety and security

VALTO360° increases the safety culture of employees with its ease of use and clarity, and helps maintain a high level of safety and quality requirements.

VALTO improves work and personal safety in different areas and levels of operations, and optimizes the work of safety personnel. The benefits come out most clearly in familiarization with the area and tasks, training, and supervision and monitoring of the area. With the help of familiarization with the operational area, interactive exercises and simulations, an understanding of the importance of safety practices and their impact on safety in general is formed.


The basis of safety is a good familiarization with the functions. VALTO helps with the training of new employees, the virtually simulated training and orientation environment makes it easier to get familiar with the operating environment and practices and to work safely in the premises. For example, during maintenance shutdowns, employees who do not know the plant come to the area. VALTO is an easy tool for familiarization and monitoring the completion of training.

For old employees, virtual online learning is a rewarding environment to maintain and update their skills and learn new skills at their own pace.


A familiar environment makes it easier to move around and prepare for possible dangerous situations. VALTO helps practice and handle dangerous situations before physical presence on site. By moving around in a virtual 360º copy of the workplace, the places and equipment become familiar, so that danger areas and risky places are already known in advance. The digital twin's POI markings show warnings and things to consider, and help employees navigate the work environment safely.

The work environment is also visited by employees who come to do something specific or a task that requires special skills. With VALTO interactive gate training, the time spent on familiarization can be shortened and the finding of objects and the availability of documentation can be accelerated.


There are several places and areas in the work environment where movement is particularly restricted, such as areas that are hazardous to health or classified as business secrets. The digital twin makes it easier to track and supervise people coming to and moving around the area.

Anticipating the future also improves safety, if there are several accidents and alarms in the same areas in a certain period of time, the use of resources can be targeted better and safety practices can be directed more efficiently.

VALTO Camera (with UVP support) and Sensors add-ons extend remote monitoring, and help track people moving in the area and give an alarm if inappropriate movement is detected, for example, in a dangerous area or the area has been entered without permission.

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Through the digital twin, the documentation and reporting of the safety environment can be viewed by all concerned in real time.

VALTO displays and stores information on observations, alarms, measures and reports them in a customized manner to the desired parties, in accordance with the rights and responsibilities granted to them. This helps security personnel, area control and area security managers to improve operations, improve safety and minimize risks.