VALTO Observer

Boilers for electricity and heat production


A lot of inspection documents and measurement data are accumulated from the maintenance and inspections of boilers used in electricity and heat production. In maintenance planning, a clear overall picture of the object's condition significantly improves cost efficiency in the long term.

VALTO Observer is specially designed for boiler inspections and condition monitoring. Observer collects all data related to that device and facility in one visual user interface, regardless of their original file location.

Observer compiles documents on maintenance and inspections, the results of thickness measurements of pipelines and heaters, information provided by the equipment supplier, spare parts lists and other necessary information.

Information about the object is available on any modern browser, mobile device on site or workstation in the office.


  • To facilitate planning, dimension lines and points are displayed in a visual form in a digital twin
  • Marking and prioritizing objects before the inspection
  • Group run of measurement results to the system directly from the ultrasound device
  • The measurement results can be viewed quickly
  • Information also available on a mobile device
  • Real-time notification of damaged pipes
  • Up-to-date information in one user interface
  • Access rights according to tasks
  • My own outlook on maintenance and project work
  • Optional IOT sensors for monitoring during use